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Do you need some free beats to get started out? Here you will find Free Beats in a variety of different tempos and styles to fit your specific needs. So what are you waiting for start downloading these free beats and record some hits right away!

All free beats on this page are for non profit use and you must credit “Tyler Smith” as the producer and/or put this website link in your YouTube video description. Anyone found selling tracks using these free beats will be dealt with using legal action. All beats on this website have been copywritten.

With these beats you are free to record over them and use them on free mixtape/albums. You will need leasing rights to sell your finished songs on iTunes etc. If you aren’t sure about buying beats then I reccomend reading this article I posted on our blog called “Why Should You Pay For Beats” It goes over why you should buy beats and invest in yourself plus lots more great info.

If you use any of these beats we would love to hear the finished recordings. Just send them over to [email protected] and we will listen and let you know what we think! We may even be able to promote the track if we really like it and make something big happen with your recorded track. We are also looking for submissions to be part of our upcoming mixtapes so hurry and send those tracks in to meet the deadline.

If any of these links do not work please send a email to [email protected] right away with the name of the links that aren’t working and I will fix them right away.

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Looking for even more free beats? They even come with leasing rights unlike the beat above which are for non-profit use only.

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