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What Our Clients Say...
  • I think has some great quality beats. I have benefited off of every beat I have gotten from this site and will continue to get beats from there. Really a great site to find high quality beats.

    Cartier Taylor
  • I started taking my music career seriously this past spring (2013) and I came across and immediately started writing to his beats. I love how radio-ready and well produced the tracks are. I wrote a song called “Risque” and was looking for a beat for it and came across “Victory” which went PERFECTLY with the song. I was surprised to find out he wasn’t one of those beat makers who have a catalog of 300 songs and only 3 good songs, his whole collection is filled with hit makers. The right songwriter mixed with these beats is truly a recipe for a hit! I love the hard work and detail Tyler puts into his music. I follow him on Fb and Twitter, and am a proud customer. If I make it big, I know who will be my exclusive Producer!

    Christian Golson
  • Any great structure can’t be appreciated sincerely without considering the foundation upon which it’s built. I am in appreciation of Tyler Smith Productions for putting together solid foundation tracks for artists to get to work on. Respect, folk.

    Deebo Thompson
  • I stumbled upon Tyler Smith’s website and I was pleasantly surprised. I thought that the beats would be all the same at first, however this man has a whole diverse catalogue of beats of any genre you can think of and they are all of professional quality. In my opinion I think these beats are just as good as some of the big name producers and the great thing is that they are affordable as well. These beats are great and you’ve earned a new customer here.

    Arthur Fragoso
  • My name is David and I’m a r&b singer based in California U.S.A. I just wanted to say that Tyler Smith Productions has one of the most professional and highest quality beat catalogues available in the market. I have relied on them for several of my songs and I look forward to a long business relationship. Thank you for making the gift of music affordable.

    David H
  • I think has some of the best beats around. Tyler Smith’s beats are unique in every way, crafting some of the most creative sounds for those who are lucky enough to come across the site. My experience with Tyler is rather new but it has helped me launch my hip-hop career to heights that would have taken me years and has helped my fan base grow larger than I thought possible. Without I would not be as accomplished as I am now.

    David “Dejay” Hubbard
  • My testimonial is that when I first started to get know Tyler Smith, I was so anxious to hear his work, after listening to a few beats I instantly was tuned in, because with most producers nowadays; they make good beats but as an artist you’re always searching for that beat that you can absolutely connect with and words just start to emerge from your brain. is made up of different styles and sounds so you will have a variety to choose from. The experience is great because you get a fast response with any questions or concerns that you may have, I would encourage other artist to come check out

    John Jenkins
  • I have been using for a long time. When I first discovered the beats I was amazed. The quality was awesome unlike other producers who sound like they just slapped some samples together and called it a beat. No matter what kind of beat Im looking for I can always find something. I plan to use many beats and purchase many beats from Tyler. I would easily recommend Tyler Smith to my friends and co artists with no hesitation.

    Dominic “Mister Xile” Benavidez